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2015 coated abrasives products branch executive committee be successful!

January 11, 2015, China Machine Tool Industry Association Coated Abrasives Branch hosted the products Commission, 2015 coated abrasives products branch executive committee to expand ace emery cloth Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Henan contractors will be held in Henan Luohe, from coated Abrasives industry 43 representatives attended the meeting. coated abrasives Branch Secretary Wang Mingyuan, deputy secretary-general Chen Yuandong, chairman of the Committee on products high waves, vice chairman of the high-propyl yuan, Xie fruit, Ningren Hai, Li Wei, representatives tube Swagelok products and 16 companies attended the meeting, Henan ace Shabu manufacturing Co., pigeons Group Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Branch, love sharp net three business representatives attended the meeting, China coated abrasives network as a network media support unit attended the meeting. Koha chairman and Secretary-General Wang Mingyuan presided over the afternoon session.