we always focus on the research and development of abrasive clot

  Henan Wangpai Abrasive Cloth Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer of abrasive cloth jumbo rolls. We are located at Henan province, the heart of Asian abrasive cloth manufacturing area. We are committed to the mission of innovation and technology invention. We continue to invest in research and development, incorporate the advanced production lines and adapt to the latest quality assurance standards. Our “WANGPAI” products are renowned for the top quality and high technology.
  We value honesty, integrity and trustworthiness as our top priority and corporate philosophy. we strive to deliver the high quality abrasive products to our customers. Our employee reward program and personalized career development program allow us to attract, develop and retain a best-in-industry technical and functional work force. Meanwhile, we focus on “Making Beautiful Abrasive Cloth” all the time.
  As a member of the coated abrasive association, we embrace the mutually beneficial partnerships and open collaboration. We are proud to continue contributing our values to abrasive industry and consumers while maintaining both innovative efforts and competitive environment.
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